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"I'm new to this event and I was so impressed with all the staff. They were all so pleasant and helpful. I was very pleased with how organized everyone was at the event in North Little Rock. I hope to do more in the upcoming year, plus get more involved with setup or cleanup. Thank you for all your hard work. "

Sue in North Little Rock, Arkansas

"I just wanted to thank you for your event, you were great and I loved everything about doing this event compared to any other resale event that I have done."

Cassie in Collierville, Tennessee

"Just wanted to let you know that I would love to go ahead and sign up to bring food, snacks, etc for Thursday, April 12th so I will be able to get a workers pass for this day if possible. This has worked out so well for me the past few events and I would love the chance to do this again. Also, I am super thrilled to see you are going to be offering a furniture nook.I am looking so forward to an awesome sale!!! "

Julie in Collierville, Tennessee